I made a thing. I don’t really know what sort of thing it is, but I wanted to make it and so I did. If anyone asks I’ll just tell them, “I wanted a place where I can talk endlessly about pro wrestling, and Disney, and whatever else causes me to hemorrhage Twitter followers.” Or maybe I’ll just ignore those people. God, who even gets on your case about starting a blog anyway? Do we still call them that? Blogs?

The past six months or so have been especially strange. I’ll probably talk about all that at length at some point, but for now I know that I’m feeling a lot better about things. About myself, my capacity to create, to do so on my own terms, and more so than anything else I’m getting older. Older and set in my ways. So what if I just want to rant about wrestling. Those kids, Snapchatting about their igloo azaleas. Am I out of touch, or can you not even build an igloo in California? No, it’s the children who are wrong.

Okay, I’m not sure what this was about. Please enjoy your stay.

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