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This is Still Totally a Thing

My name is Jared Rea and I’m full of great ideas. One of these recent great ideas was to launch a new blogging destination, then immediately drop it to start a new job, travel to New York, and now pretty much everything I own is sitting in a 5×10 storage unit next to some sketchy train tracks. I may have a lot of great ideas, but clearly those don’t translate into great plans. I intended to make regular podcasts about the pro wrestling stuff that kicks around my brain all the time. These plans still exist, but now they’re on hold due to circumstances I sort of can’t help at the moment. Allow me to explain and give you all an update on my life. My I’ll stop now.

  • I’m in the process of moving into a new apartment. This is about as exciting as it is expensive (If you live in the Bay Area right now, you should probably just stay there because you do not even want to know what the market is like out there), but this also means everything I own is in storage minus my clothing, Nintendo 3DS and this computer. One of those items is extremely relevant.
  • I now work for Nintendo of America as part of its social media team. This was a long time coming both personally and professionally. I want to talk to you all in the near future regarding my change of career, and especially the state of my well being in the late half of 2014 because I feel it could be of use to number of people within the business, but that’ll be for another time. For now, I’m thrilled to be where I am and this is the first and last time you’ll probably hear about it.
  • I took a trip to New York for a week. It was beyond freezing and I ate Shake Shack, twice. That sort of made up for the cold. I wound up enjoying my stay a lot more than I expected, due to some fantastic company and really great bars. I met someone whom I believe is legitimately involved in the Guild of Calamitous Intent. 10/10, would visit again.
  • I’ve been watching a ton of pro wrestling recently, including WWE Fastlane, NXT Takeover, New Japan’s The New Beginning and, most recently, Ring of Honor’s 13th Anniversary. I’d love to make my little podcasts but I currently live directly across the street from the loudest and most frequent railway you’ve ever experienced in your life. I’ve considered recording these in my car so we’ll see how desperate I become.
  • Did I ever tell you that I updated to be a totally sweet resume site? Did you know that I got it all online after I decided to start interviewing for jobs? Now it just sort of sits there, looking pretty while allowing me to hopefully pass along interesting opportunities to folks.
  • Between all of this I’ve managed to dump roughly 10 hours into Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I’m still a Hunter Rank 1, I have only a vague sense of what it is that I’m doing, but whatever it is that I’m playing, I’m enjoying it very much.
  • I style my hair differently. No one really noticed and now that’s the reason why I cry in the shower until the water goes cold.

I think that’s it. The important stuff, anyway. I hope to have more for you all now that I’m starting to settle into a groove and I’m waking up at 6AM consistently and without prodding. It’s extremely weird, but I’ve never felt more productive.

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