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Club 33 Mouse Ears: A Most Prized Possession

[Originally published on November 10, 2014]

If I were pressed to choose a prized Disneyland possession, it would probably be my original blue pair of embroidered Oswald ears. I’m not saying that this new thing can ever replace them, especially since I’ll probably never wear them to the park, but it certainly comes close.

Over the past few months I conspired with a friend of mine to surprise my girlfriend with a trip to the ridiculously exclusive Club 33 for her birthday. This was a smashing success and we all enjoyed the majorly renovated and redesigned space. I will probably talk more about that in the near future, but for now, no trip to Club 33 is complete without browsing its select merchandise.

The usual suspects were all present: executive pens, golf balls, members jackets, etc. My friend then told me about something new they’ve added since the redesign. Seemingly hidden along the bottom shelf and only in viewing distance if you drop to one knee to see it placed on its shelf, a new pair of Club 33 mouse ears.

I had to have it.


Upon receiving my ears in a classy Club 33 bag (which I totally kept because I’m crazy like that), I was informed that if I wanted them embroidered there was only one shop in the park that was allowed to work on Club 33 ears, and that’s the Pioneer Mercantile in Frontierland.

Needless to say, the CM behind the counter was sort of spooked to see it. I was also referred to by “sir” for the remainder of our transaction. That’s crazy. Like I said, I doubt I will ever wear these to the park, but they’re definitely one of my favorite Disneyland items and a great reminder of a fantastic day. Thanks again to my buddy Ryan for making it all possible.

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