About Me

Jared ReaI was still baking in the womb while my parents watched Pepper Gomez rip it up at the Cow Palace. My earliest memory as a human being is playing Air Sea Battle on an Atari 2600. From the time I was able to put together a string of coherent thoughts I knew I wanted to either become a professional wrestler or intimately involved in the business of video games. Clearly, being a wrestler didn’t pan out.

Since 2004 I’ve worked just about every angle in the video game industry imaginable, starting as a tester at Atari before moving on to 1UP.com and a career in journalism in 2005. From there I went on to write for dozens of publications, including Joystiq, Wired, and Electronic Gaming Monthly. I ultimately made the decision to move to the publishing side of the business in 2007, working as a community manager for Sony PlayStation, WWE Games and Twitch, until 2014 when I decided to go even further behind the scenes.  Today I’m a social media manager at Nintendo of America and very much enjoying my time out of the spotlight.

I’m a native of the California Bay Area, and no matter how many times I swear I’m going to leave it always comes up with a new, compelling reason to trick me into staying. My one brush with death came in the form of a tricycle incident. I’ve traveled the country playing video games competitively. I’m always the rebel spy on Star Tours. My life is a strange, and charmed, and I thank you for joining me.